Uzbekistan: Week long trek in Nuratau Mountains.

Where would you go, if you wanted to trek in unspoiled terrain, sleep in local houses, eat homegrown fresh food and best of all have no internet for a week? Nuratau Mountains in Uzbekistan is your destination. Walking with our guide day after day and staying in local houses was a true immersion into localContinue reading “Uzbekistan: Week long trek in Nuratau Mountains.”

Time for wild camping. But what to pack?

Wild camping. Synonym of freedom, independence, adventure. Low cost traveling. And synonym of caring heavy backpack….. But do we really have to carry so much? Here list of what we take, when going camping locally in Ireland tent, in our case, 2 people, 3 season one, 3kg weight sleeping bag, carried in waterproof compression bagContinue reading “Time for wild camping. But what to pack?”

Mister! Where are you from? Iran: yes, or no?

At the beginning I was bit skeptical about writing on this topic. Why? Personally, I was never afraid to go to Iran. For years I only heard positive stories about this part of the world. Ancient culture, vibrant towns, and friendly people. The latter seemed to prevail in all the stories from independent travelers. ButContinue reading “Mister! Where are you from? Iran: yes, or no?”

Hiking in Albanian Alps

Is visiting a truly remote place on your must see list? Unspoiled mountains, far from touristy trails? In Europe? Yes, read on. In spring 2011 I traveled on organized cycling tour in South East Asia. Lots of sightseeing, lots of cycling, lots of money spent ….. and an average experience. Afterwards I spent few weeksContinue reading “Hiking in Albanian Alps”