Train travel from Moscow to Urgench.

The train rolled through an arid featureless countryside. The monotonous views did not invite us to look out window. There was no need, no time for it anyway. The real buzz, the real action was inside the carriages. Train travel in Central Asia is not about looking at the views, it is about socializing withContinue reading “Train travel from Moscow to Urgench.”

India. How to do a DIY travel in a very large country.

India has it all: Splendid architecture, deserts and towering peaks of the Himalaya, holy men, sacred cows, wild tigers and elephants, women in colorful saris, food for every taste, tea plantations, yoga retreats, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and many other religions; Holi Festival and Pushkar Camel Fair; the country of the mighty Ganges, the holy cityContinue reading “India. How to do a DIY travel in a very large country.”

Time for wild camping. But what to pack?

Wild camping. Synonym of freedom, independence, adventure. Low cost traveling. And synonym of caring heavy backpack….. But do we really have to carry so much? Here list of what we take, when going camping locally in Ireland tent, in our case, 2 people, 3 season one, 3kg weight sleeping bag, carried in waterproof compression bagContinue reading “Time for wild camping. But what to pack?”

Mister! Where are you from? Iran: yes, or no?

At the beginning I was bit skeptical about writing on this topic. Why? Personally, I was never afraid to go to Iran. For years I only heard positive stories about this part of the world. Ancient culture, vibrant towns, and friendly people. The latter seemed to prevail in all the stories from independent travelers. ButContinue reading “Mister! Where are you from? Iran: yes, or no?”

Weekend in Ireland? Yes, please…

I love all mountains, but some of them I love bit more… Carrauntoohil is one the very special ones. The highest peak in Ireland, part of the Reeks. Over the years I walked to the top of Carrauntoohil using different routes. Zig zag, O’Sheas Gully, Caher, to name a few. Few years ago we decidedContinue reading “Weekend in Ireland? Yes, please…”

Take your time! High altitude hiking

Over the years, I have heard many tips and theories about preparation for high altitude. I have heard as well many misconceptions about the topic. Before I was lucky to get advice form experienced mountaineers I had experience the consequences of not doing it the right way. I can say now, I learned about theContinue reading “Take your time! High altitude hiking”