Time for wild camping. But what to pack?

Wild camping. Synonym of freedom, independence, adventure. Low cost traveling. And synonym of caring heavy backpack….. But do we really have to carry so much?

Here list of what we take, when going camping locally in Ireland

  1. tent, in our case, 2 people, 3 season one, 3kg weight
  2. sleeping bag, carried in waterproof compression bag
  3. silk sleeping bag insert, for extra 4-5 degrees of warmth
  4. self inflatable sleeping mat
  5. waterproof bag for clothes*
  6. baby wipes, toiletries, quick drying towel
  7. cooking kit: gas stove, gas canister**, fire stick*** x 2, utensils, metal mugs
  8. freeze dry food, snack bars
  9. water, we carry 1l of still water and 1l of sparkiling/per person/per day
  10. head torch
  11. first aid kit
  12. map, compass, GPS
  13. camera, phone
  14. walking sticks if used
  15. sun block
  16. bag for rubbish to take home

When we arrive to our starting point, we have a bite to eat and hot tea from a flask. It is a good idea (learned it the hard way!) to leave water and food in the car for after the trip. I use 38+8 liter backpack and it is sufficient for all the items. John’s old backpack was 35+10 liter and was way to narrow to allow for easy packing. So choose your backpack carefully, design seems to be more important, than size.

And one more thing. Remember, heavy (backpack) is a relevant term. After a bit of practice (hardship) it will get easier….. I am saying it from experience.

Happy camping. Happy backpacking.

* For a trip I take nearly all my hiking clothing. This includes waterproof jacket, warm hat (3 of them), gloves (3 pairs), warm buff, dawn jacket, merino thermal long sleeve, hiking top short sleeve, long thermal leggings, light hiking trousers. Hiking boots and gaiters.

** Gas canister and gas stove fit into the container for boiling water, handy.

*** Dry matches did not work for us. The stay lit for a long time what can be potential fire hazard. We guess they are more suitable for starting wood fire.

For an idea for scenic weekend trip in Ireland click on this link.


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