Sweet tooth in Mexico. Quest to find churros.

For me huge part of experiencing a country is through its food. Be it in a fancy restaurant, funky cafe, simple local eatery, or from a street cart. In Mexico street food is the king. Food vendors are everywhere, the choice is plentiful, freshness unquestionable and the taste superb. Wherever we went, whatever we ate, it was always a pleasure.

At the time I owned a catering business and I thought of adding Mexican fare to the menu. I equipped myself in good cookbooks and kept practicing. Visiting Mexico was part of the plan, the big tasting trip. We spent days eating our way around Oaxaca. Every morning we had breakfast at a local market, having tamales, atole and hot chocolate. During the day we ate at one of the restaurants. In the evening we were doing rounds around Zocalo, trying food from every stall.

One evening I started wondering, where were churros? There was no sign of them. People, when asked, were giving me vague information. Our last night in Oaxaca come. I decided, this was my last chance to find churros. Oaxaca is the gourmet capitol of Mexico, where else could I be introduced to churros?! So I thought.

Armed with map the search started. Following directions and tips. Going around. Asking for information. Following new directions. No luck. Asking again. Walking around the old town for ages. Roaming streets in Mexico so late is not the safest idea. But I was on a mission. I must find churros. All this time I was wondering why it is so difficult. Accordingly to my research, churros were pretty popular in Mexico. And here I was, in Oaxaca, not being able to locate them. Finally we found a churreria. I bought a portion. Took a photo of my finding. Ate the churros. They were OK.

The following day we took a bus to Puebla city. After checking in to the hotel, we started walking through town, looking for a place to have dinner. And… wherever I looked, there was a place selling churros! While we were passing churrerias I thought of my search the previous night. Yes, churros were popular in Mexico, but it seemed like in some places there were MORE common, than in others.

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