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Outdoor living.

The evening twilight bathes everything in a warm glow. We slowly walk along the road towards the sea. On the surface of the water there is a play of colours. The greying blue of the surface is punctuated with orange lines, reflections of street lights. With difficulty, we can make out silhouettes of fishermen. On […]

What can you learn when traveling solo?

We travel to discover the world. To experience different cultures, different landscapes. To see exotic places. To try new foods. To make new friends. To buy souvenirs. To take loads of beautiful photographs and to collect memories. Travel equals discovery. When planning to travel, many times, we debate between organized trips or DIY ones. Both […]

Train travel from Moscow to Urgench.

The train rolled through an arid featureless countryside. The monotonous views did not invite us to look out window. There was no need, no time for it anyway. The real buzz, the real action was inside the carriages. Train travel in Central Asia is not about looking at the views, it is about socializing with […]

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